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Prepaid-Services is an automated rental payment and reconciliation online platform that is easier to use and more powerful than other solutions offered by traditional software vendors.

Prepaid-Services is used by Landlords and Letting Agencies to manage their rental properties and ensure timely collection of rent, levies, services, etc. in a way that protects the Landlord’s investment and benefits the Letting Agent and Tenant.

The system is automated and sends tenants their statements automatically on a pre-set date and allows tenants to pay online via internet banking.

Prepaid Electricity and Water tokens are purchased online and send via sms or email to tenant.

There is a link to TPN for Landlords/Letting agents to do credit vetting of tenants.

Landlords/Letting Agents manage once off costs eg, broken lock, glass, repairs to unit, etc, monthly rent, levies, vending limit for water and electricity meter etc online for each property. Various users can be setup with different access rights.

The entire system is based on using a sub prepaid water and electricity meter that we supply at low cost and that can be installed by any qualified plumber/electrician.

The system does not CUT any service.

Our special lease agreement ensures that Tenant and Landlord/Letting agent agrees upfront on services that will be managed by our prepaid vending system. This agreement is in word format to enable landlord/agent to use their own agreement and just add certain clauses.

Main Benefits:

  • Can be used for all types of rental properties
  • Automated and online
  • If there is no funds in tenant vending account, no tokens can be purchased for electricity or water and therefore tenants either deposit funds into account to cover rent etc and get their account into a credit or find alternative accommodation
  • Multiple reports
  • Letting agents and Landlords can setup system so that money is paid direct instead of via prepaid-services – setup cost required for “bulk sms” and “SagePay” for customer account
  • Monthly fee of R150 per rental unit (water+electricity) or R100 per unit for single meter
  • If you only want to use the software without the prepaid meter functionality, it will only cost R250pm irrespective how many tenants you have
  • 8. Read “About Us” to find out how it started

Feel free to contact me for any queries.

Chris Strydom

E-mail: prepaid-services@outlook.com

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