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What is ‘prepaid water/electricity’?

Prepaid water/electricity means that the consumer purchases water/electricity credit in the form of a prepaid water/electricity token. When entered into the User Interface Unit (located in the consumer’s home), the token instructs the water/electricity management device to allow a certain amount of water/electricity through the meter before closing.

Consumers can track usage, load credit remotely, and decrease the possibility of bill shock due to incorrect monitoring.

A prepaid water/electricity meter can also be used to limit maximum water/electricity to a particular area. This helps property owners to control the amount of water/electricity used at certain outputs.

They can make payment in smaller, frequent increments. This prevents their falling into debt, which can compound in a post-paid arrangement.

Who can access it?

If you have a garden cottage or rental unit, however, you can add additional water/electricity meter and management software to the building, to ensure that your tenants don’t rack up huge bills in your name – and then refuse to pay, or vacate the premises without paying.

How does it affect rental properties and body corporates?

The implications for rental properties and body corporates are significant.

Prepaid metering reduces admin to a minimum, while removing the risk and frustration of late or non-payment of water/electricity bills. This is why housing estates are swiftly moving to prepaid water and electricity.

Gone are the days of splitting the entire estate’s water/electricity bill by the number of units. Prepaid metering means that users pay for their consumption only.

If you’re a developer or estate body corporate, contact us for discounted pricing.

Is prepaid water/electricity cheaper?

No. Prepaid and post-paid cost exactly the same. With postpaid, additional fees are charged. It is illegal to sell municipal water above the municipal tariff rate declared. That being said, prepaid water gives consumers the opportunity to monitor their consumption and react immediately to possible leaks, thereby saving money.

What’s the bottom line?

Even the simplest smart water/electricity management device can provide the tools to track and control water usage. Prepaid water meters are smart tools with the potential to revolutionize water and electricity conservation efforts and revenue management worldwide.

About Prepaid-Services

Prepaid-Services are a proudly South African company that provides a smart software solution for the responsible management of water, electricity, rent and other services. Established in 2017, the company offers the latest in smart, next generation digital technology for water and electricity metering with a national customer base.

Prepaid-Services encourage the protection of water, electricity and rent through our innovative management system to ensure customers have the best technology available to meet the needs of the landlords, body corporates and agents they serve.

Manage your rental properties rent, prepaid water and electricity from R99pm. We also offer credit checks on potential tenants. Soon we will offer access to electricians, plumbers and handymen

Feel free to give me a call on 083-445-2000 or 0100-350-250.

E-mail: info@prepaid-services.co.za


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