How to Fund My Account

Follow these steps to fund your account via Netcash (SagePay) using your Mobile Device...

STEP 1: Open the Menu:
STEP 2: Select Login:
STEP 3: Enter your login details.
IMPORTANT NOTES! Login Process - Prepaid-Services Website
  • Incorrect Email or Password. Please take note that should your fail with 3 attempts in a row, your account will be locked out for 24 hours. If you cannot remember the Email adrress your account is linked to, please contact your Landlord or Prepaid-Services for assistance. If you forgot your password, please use the ForgotPassword button to reset your password.
  • Don't forget to click the reCaptcha Anti-Spam checkbox. Once you have entered your Email and Password, remember to click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox to indicate that are in fact a human logging in, and not a SpamBot.

STEP 4: Click "My Account":
STEP 5: Click "Fund My Account":
STEP 6: Order Detailks and Order Amount.
IMPORTANT NOTES! Login Process - Prepaid-Services Website
  • Your Order Details are automatically entered from your User Profile. This should be correct, however double-check your Email Address and Mobile Number, as these will be used by Prepaid-Services and Netcash (SagePay) to send you notifications about your payment. You may temporarily change these for any order, or permanently change it in your User Profile.
  • Ensure your Order Amount is correct. It is VERY important that you make sure your order amount is correct. This is the "Amount" textbox with a red background. By default it is set to the minimum amount a payment can be made for, which is R 10.00. Change this amount to the amount you wish to fund your acccount with.
  • Please Note! Keep in mind that a standard transaction fee of R6.00 will be deducted from your account for the processing of the payment. If your SMS Notification settings in your "My Settings" user profile indicate that Pprepaid-Services must notify you when your account is credited, then a standard SMS Fee of R0.50 will be deducted from your account.

STEP 7: Save Order:
STEP 8: Check Order Details:
STEP 9: Confirm Order.
IMPORTANT NOTES! Login Process - Prepaid-Services Website
  • Cancelling an order. Should you at any stage during the "Fund My Account" process on the Prepaid-Services website decide to cancel the order, then simply click the Cancel Order button. This will in effect cancel the order befor youe are re-directed to Netcash (SagePay).

STEP 10: Save Order:
IMPORTANT NOTES! Netcash Pay Now Gateway
  • Netcash (previously known as SagePay) is not part of Prepaid-Services. Netcash is an authorized and FSB Registered institution that handles the actual transaction between you Bank and the Bank for Prepaid-Services (or your Customer/Landlord). They are regulated to enforce security measures such as PCI Complince, 3D Secure and encrypted transactions for your protection and the prevention of Online Fraud.
  • Please do not close your browser during or after making a payment. You will be re-directed back to Prepaid-Services as soon as Netcash gets the confirmation of your payment from your Bank. It is crucial that you be redirected back to Prepaid-Services, so that Netcash can notify Prepaid-Services of your Payment Satus. Without this notification, Prepaid-Services will not know if your payment was successful, and then cannot credit your account. Should your Browser Window "freeze" become unresponsive, then please contact Prepaid_services immediately so that we can assist you.
  • If you wish to cancel your paytment, while you are still on the Netcash Payment GateWay, then please cl;ick the "Cancel payment" button. Netcash will then notify Prepaid-Services that your payment has been cancelled.

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